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Revolt Voyager™

Revolt Voyager

Revolt Voyager™

In Revolt Voyager no good deed goes unpunished. It’s time to punch the hell out of our fictional collection of doppelgängers while returning money, morale and spirit to a crypto community comprised of individuals who lost their life savings, retirement funds and money they had depended on.

There is no one better to support the mission than an NFT community that believes that value must be returned to those who have been deceived, while bringing altruism and equality back to the forefront of crypto. Revolt Voyager does NOT rely on leveraged platforms that depend on vaults and other mechanisms for returning value back to lenders, borrowers or investors. Instead, we take the traditional route of an exciting plot of fictional characters and growing them into a powerful, revolutionary gaming franchise. With a vision of bringing morale back to those who need it most, we can make Revolt Voyager a realistic game-changing trifecta in the industries of crypto, gaming and philanthropy.

The Revolt Voyager NFT Collection will be released on the Solana blockchain during the first quarter of 2024.  The collection is comprised of 13 base boxing characters, each with 777 uniquely generated variations, for a total of 10,101 NFT’s.  The cost of each NFT is $250 USD.  A new character will be released every Friday for ten consecutive weeks.  The collection was created and inspired by a lack of ethics, poor decision-making and greed within the crypto sector.